Conventional Portland cement corrodes in sanitary sewers and other challenging applications, requiring costly repairs and replacement. RockHard SCP® polymer concrete structures last for centuries and deliver 100% corrosion protection. It’s time to “set it and forget it.”
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What Is RockHard SCP®?

RockHard SCP® (SolidCast Polymer Technology) is the construction industry’s longest-lasting concrete-like material. It can be used to create both precast and cast-in-place structures such as precast manholes, wetwells, and other sanitary sewer containment structures, as well as…

  • Tunnel segments
  • Chemical containment structures
  • Grouts and mortars
  • And more!

RockHard SCP® Benefits

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. When you choose RockHard SCP®, you’re investing in the material of construction that gives you the peace of mind it will not fail prematurely due to corrosion. Unlike conventional concrete or even other polymer concretes, RockHard SCP® needs no liners, no coatings, nor any other “thin-skin” barriers to be…

✔ corrosion-resistant ✔ high-strength
✔ lightweight ✔ durable ✔ impermeable
✔ fast-curing ✔ environmentally friendly

About Solidcast Polymer Technology

Since 1985, SolidCast Polymer Technology has been the premier manufacturer of precast polymer concrete structures for the wastewater industry and other sectors in markets all over the world. In addition to RockHard SCP®, we are the creator and manufacture of QOR-TEQtm, the patented structural enhancement solution.
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Whether you need precast manholes or other precast structures, cast-in-place, or rehabilitations, RockHard SCP® is the product of choice, no matter the industry.
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RockHard SCP® is formulated, designed, and engineered as an environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint, no Portland cement material-of-construction with unmatched corrosion resistance, impermeability, strength, and value.
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We are proud to be ISO 9000-certified for quality management, VOC- and HAP-free, and Made in the USA.
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In addition to our precast and cast-in-place products, SCP offers “cradle-to-grave” engineering and design, construction, and technical services.
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